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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Yay, EU Software Patents Back to Square One!

I cannot explain how happy I am! Maybe, I now have a future in the IT business! Negotiations have restarted! (Danish). Once again, I will use the oppotunity to thank Polen! I am so happy that you became part of the European Union...what should we have done without you!

I searched a bit further for my name today, and bumped into a page in Arabic with two links to my site...hmm...I wish I could read Arabic!

I haven't talked to Helge for a week now. He has been in Oostfreeskland and also in Münster in order to do an interview for a job. I hope he got it! Good luck, my jung!

Other news: We are apparently going to win the bear competition because as Daniel puts it; Kenneth the undersized Viking? Denen hebben goede stofzuigers, dus met een degelijke Nilfisk in je team kan die overwinning jullie niet ontgaan! :) Undersized?! Yeah, but true vikings are indeed small :) Just look at Jens...tall, like all Dutch people...and where are his viking abbilities today? Tja...I donno...but at least he tells me that having him on the team won't result in victory. Maybe they stopped drinking mjød on Sealand.

In one hour I am sitting on the train! Gosh, I miss u Lillie! See you tomorrow morning!!! Muaah!


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