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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sometimes few words can make one very happy

This evening I was reading some blogs and I read about the new Microsoft Search page. Though, I have no intention of ever using it, as I am kind of a Google fan :) I desided to check it out anyway. Well, that is a better way to check a new search engine out, than searching for your self!

Doing so, surprised me a lot. There are actually people out there who are thinking about me without directly saying it to me. The entry that touched me the most was this one:

Resumen del 2004: Un resumen del 2004 a través de 35 preguntas y respuestas.

34. De quienes conociste este año ¿Quién fue la mejor persona?
Kenneth Christiansen.

The above is written by Germán Poó Caamaño; a great chilean guy I met at a conference this summer. Since then I have exchanged a few mails, but for a long time I haven't heard anything. I am very bad at emailing all my friends as too many are emailing me. As a result I try keeping all my friends on my MSN list, but unfortunately not everyone is using MSN :(

Un foto con yo e mí amigo Germán! Not the best photo, but we are both on it!

I should definately write him now and tell him about my blog (he asked me earlier if I had one) and I should starting reading his.

What else has happened today? Well, we were out of electricity again :S sooo annoying...and now I need to open up for someone at 7:45 tomorrow morning...and that is 100 meters away from here :(. Anyway, while we still had electricity I saw the film 'The Butterfly Effect'. It was a really great and crazy movie. Even early on the film touchen me personally, and made me think about a whole lot of things in my own life. I think a lot, am very spiritual and this movie apparently touched me a lot...later on the movie took some turns and touched me again...and I was watching it with tears in my eyes, I probably indentified myself with people in the actual movie. Anyway, it is not a movie like the most. It is very crazy and weird, but VERY good! I will definately recomment it! Thanks Floris for lending it to me!

On to other news! I am now in a school/FMF commission! Yes, I am the first Dane to enter a school commission here in Groningen, NL :) Tje...I sure know how to get involved?!...and integrate?! Don't I? :)

Anyway, I am also the first non-FMF-member to join a FMF-commission.... but let's not tell that to anyone ;)


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