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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Time for change

So long since I wrote anything; true. But a lot of things happened and I didn't have energy to deal with anything else. Some things I cannot tell, and others I can.

Everyone knows how much I loved Lívia, but our relationship has come to an end.

We had a wonderful time together and were both very happy together, but in Brazil she realized that she was not ready for any serious relationship and she started doubting if she wanted to be with me or someone else and the day before christmas she finally broke with me. That was a bit of bad timing, though and it ruined my whole christmas.

It was hard getting over her as I truly loved her and gave too much of my self to her, but now I realized that she is no longer the one for me and she really does not deserve me.

I am a bit sad that she made me look deep into myself and blame myself for what happened and for the mistakes she made. I know she didn't do this on purpose and tried not to, but it was her way of dealing with her still having feeling for me at that time and being confused.

If you are unfairful to someone, you are the one to blame, and you shouldn't be searching for reasons / excuses like unperfections / shortcomings with your partner and making them into something they are not, just to create the illusion that what you did was acceptable by making him/her take the blame.

Doing this is not really something to be proud of, and you only hide who you really are for yourself. But I understand and so will she with time.

Make no mistakes, Lívia is a wonderful, wonderful girl with a lot of good going for her. Never forget that my, once, grande amor! =)


  • Olá moço.... eu sei que a vida toma rumos que as vezes não queremos, muitas vezes são bem doloros, mas quem sabe não foi melhor assim no presente, mas aquela coisa nunca é tarde para tentar, espero que vc fique melhor, bjs

    By Anonymous Emmelyne, at Wednesday, February 01, 2006 6:07:00 AM  

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