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Friday, February 04, 2005

On the way to my love

This is written after I came home :) but posted on the right day.

Well, the journey to Lívia was of course boring and made me very tired, but it wasn't that bad a trip. I went around 18:00 from Groningen to Utrecht. Before going I asked my Polish friend, Ola, who lives in Utrecht if she wanted to drink a cup of coffee with me the half hour I had to wait in Utrecht. I had no idea if she lived close by or not. Apparently, she didn't really, but as nice a girl she is, she went there anyway - just to drink a cop of coffee with me :D Really nice of her! Actually, she was already standing there ready with the coffee as I arrived! This helped a lot on my mood and made the rest of the journey nicer.

I got on the night train leaving to München/Munnich and it turned out to be quite a nice train. I got to sit next to two girls (Bo Young and Himei) from Korea. They were quite nice and funny - which I think most Koreans are - but that is probably because they have quite a different culture. At first it was quite hard communicating with them, but after a while it was no problem.

I started to eat something and they asked me if I had hunger...of course I had (why else would I be eating *-)) anyway, when I said yes, they suddently wanted to give me food! :-O I also got around to tasting some Korean food :) Imported from Korea! cool!

They also gave me a present that I had to open up. Nice, a nice key chain with a drum attached! of course from Korea :D I asked them how to say thanks (which apparently is kam sa hab ni da) :) and did so!

They also asked for my name, but didn't quite get what I was saying, so I wrote it down in Korean (ke-nu-teu - but with korean syllables) and they were like 'huh, that is Hangul? You know Hangul?'. Korean writing is actually quite easy and I think I learned it in a days time some years ago. I was amazed that I still remembered :)

Later, one of the girls moved her leg a bit too much forward - actually she put it between the seats in from of her. The German guy sitting there couldn't help him self, and layed his arm on her leg! She got really shocked and ashamed and the girls started to cry. In Korea I don't think you are really allowed to touch others in public, but I might be wrong. The German guy was kind of shocked of their reaction and try calming them down, and telling that he just couldn't resist.

Later I arrived to Munnich...the train was a bit delayed and people were soooo slow at getting out. Even though they told us that the train to Passau would wait, it wasn't there when I showed up :( And I ran though the whole station as quickly as I could. Bad luck, and 2 hours waiting at the very cold München Hbf! :( I tried walking a bit in the city, but because it was quite early everything was closed :( bad luck!

The trip from Munnich to Passau was quite nice. I sat in a quite cozy and warm new train, and the view was just wonderful! Such beautiful landscapes and snow!!!

2 hours later I arrived in Passau and there was my love! and another wonderful weekend began!


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