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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Everything seems to fall into place...

Yesterday I got to talk to my German friend Christian again. That was kind of nice since I never talk to him since I stopped using IRC. He lives in Munich so I told him I was there on friday and that I spend my weekend in Passau. It turned out that he also spend his weekend in Passau! What a coincident!

Apparently, Christian is in the progress of moving to Passau to finish his study in Computer Science there. This is like really good news! It means that if Lívia is going to study there, then it will be possible for me to study there as well! And then as a bonus, I already have a friend there! Great! He also knows the drill - how the system works there - so that might also help me a bit. =)

It seems that the path for me is open, now I just need to follow it...


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