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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Zaterdag...eller også kaldet lørdag

Saturday again. Actually, I was supposed to do a lot today, but I cannot seem to pull myself together. Well, it is not that I am not doing anything, but I am not doing enough to feel on top of things, nor do I have any interest in.

In the morning Nico dropped by. I am supposed to give a 2 hour lecture with him and I wanted to copy the pages from the book that I needed. We drank a cup of coffee together and went to the copyshop.

Afterward I couldn't really concentrate and all I was doing was thinking about my Lívia...I decided to add some pictures of her to my website and did so eventually. She came online for half an hour or so and it really helped hearing her voice...I though it would get my through the day, but right this moment I really wish she were by my side. :D Hey, while writing this she just popped up in Skype...let me finish later!!!

hmm, apparently it wasn't her :( Probably it automatically logged onto her account :( Oh well... Anyway, whatelse did I do today. I went to the market and bought a some fruits etc... the price there still amazes me... you really can get a lot for little money. When I got home I got to read the paper about UPPAAL; urgh, this isn't easy stuff to understand... Since it is lørdag...which is Danish for Saturday and which really means Washing Day, I decided to wash :) Puh, what a huge wash! It is so hard washing in this house as if I turn on the washing machine and the oven is on, or the dryer or the dish washer...well, then it results in a power failure...and we don't want this. This on the other hand, means that a lot of planning needs to be done in order to wash your clothes :) Now I just made some lasagne and watched the first episode of Battlestar Galactica - a new sci-fi series that is running in America...interesting.


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