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Thursday, February 17, 2005

What a night....

Oh this night I didn't get to sleep at all. Well, as usual I went to bed late, but around 3am or so one of my room mates (huisgenootjes) decided to throw a party in the kitchen...well, that meant loud music and lots of talking. Oh, well, annoyed as I was I decided to stay in my bed. Later I heard a lot of noise; glasses being broken, people being thrown up agains my door etc. Well, apparently the room mate and one of his good friends decided to fight for fun, and since they were extremely drunk it got more seriously and they managed to ruin many things, like a thing to hang the wash on, my notebord, plus various plates and glasses.

Oh yee! What a mess! Something also happened to the heating controller (which was also hit) so it was extremely cold in my room when I went to bed around 7am. Luckily, my painting wasn't standing in the hallway any longer... if so, I wouldn't have had it today.


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