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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I wanna learn to use a calendar

For a long time I have avoided using calendars. I simply hate them. I tried many times, and I am quite good at writing things in them...but not at looking in it.

Computer-based calendars have worked a bit better for me, probably because I can quickly scan though them, show/hide birthdays on the fly, and look at my calendar with different views. Quite handy! Sunbird is a good example of such a calendar. Unfortunately, I want my calendar to be available everywhere! Well, on the net is sufficient, but I want to be able to modify it there as well. So far this has required me to use an expensive groupware solution, which has been out of reach.

Yesterday I read about a very promising new project called Hula. Apparently Novell open-sourced their NetMail groupware server and are now trying to build a community around it. The idea is not to make a new super groupware server with tons of features that most people don't care about. Instead, the idea is to make a server application that works for normal people, that is so cool that no-one can live without it :)

The way they want to accomplish this is by creating a nice Gmail-style web interface for the mail and the calendar part. They also want to make the calendar work well for students. Thus, good integration of school schedules, easy ways to show your calendar to your friends and easy ways to arrange parties :)

I wish the team at Novell and the community around Hula the best of luck. This looks just like what I have been missing!


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