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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Maybe I shouldn't pretend to speak Frisian?

Heh, oh well. Frisian is not that hard understanding, but I shouldn't assume knowing all words. I once learned the word sneon, but since I never have used it, it changed from being Saturday to Sunday in my mind - highly unhandy as I now missed an appointment! :| Yes, people made me dinner, with more than one meal! and where were I?!?! At home :( Shit, so stupid...also stupid that I didn't make sure they had my phone number!

Oh well, live goes on! and I went there to drink coffee today...just like a short visit that ended up being quite long! I hope I didn't stay too long for their taste...but I talk a lot and find it hard stopping! I also got to taste the frikadeller they made for me yesterday, and we also ended up playing a lot of guitar :D It was quite nice. Nice people and nice afternoon!


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