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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Oh what a day...

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't get much done today. I tried working a bit, but quickly gave up again :( Then I spend some hours organizing my photos and bought some DVD+R so that I could make some backups...didn't really help on my mood as only one of them worked :S Picasa2 burned a DVD without problems but all other applications ruined my expensively bought DVD :S Oh well :)

There were also some nice parts of today. For instance I talked to my friend Geir for quite some time! He had birthday 2 days ago, so TILLYKKE GEIR!!! I really enjoyed talking to him, and it makes me very happy to hear that it is just going perfect between him and his girlfriend who are now living together!

I also talked a bit to my mom and my sister, but the latter I didn't really get to talk to as she was going to some school event. She will call me Saturday - I really look forward to that.

Yesterday my school friend Frank dropped by for dinner and some beers :) Damn, now I have to buy new Hoegaarden again. It was nice, and we talked, listened to some music , played a bit of guitar (me teaching a bit) and looking at some funny video clips. =)

On a side note, I learned today that the name Passau is derived from Batavi[1]:

Batavis >

Old High German Bazzowa >
Bavarian voicing of consonants Pazowa
Middle High German Pazzouwe
Modern High German Passau

Well, I don't know that much about the Batavi tribe, nor their, originally, Scandinavian brother tribe the Heruli[2], but what is funny is that the Latin name for the Netherlands is Batavia[3] also named after the Batavi. :) So apparently there is a connection between the Netherlands and Passau...oh, well I already knew that :) Lívia and me, of course.

[1] Batavi means something like Deep Water. Bat comes from Greek báthos and avi is related to German Aue.

[2] which originates from current Denmark, but which the Danes forced away - just like they tried with us Jutes, before they decided to inter-marriage us and name us all Danes.

[3] which was also the old name for Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia (Dutch India).


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