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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Finally, I got to hang up my Van Gogh painting! It has now been standing in the hall for months :) It was kind of hard though since the wall is made of plaster (gips) and it is hard finding something behind the plaster that I can mount things to. Anyway :) it worked!

Today we have also been quite busy in the kitchen. Jan-Willem and a friend bought a table and removed a lot of old garbage like glass, old non-functioning oven etc. and Marielle and me did a looot of cleaning :) It is a lot nicer now!

Yesterday I participated in a beer drinking competition...we didn't get so far though, as one in our team was quite slow at drinking..oh well :) it was fun anyway, and I think I got my share of beers .... at least it was quite hard getting up to my morning meeting.

I started with my new lectures this week. Some sound interesting, but it seems like I will have plenty to two weeks or so I need to teach the whole class for two hours! :S The subject is Lighting, Raytracing and Radiocity... I hope I will make some nice slides. If I do so, I will put them online =)

I also got a mail back from one of the companies I wrote to in Germany. They will let me know in two-weeks time. Crossing fingers!


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