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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Google Personalized vs. Windows Live

Today, I checked out the new Windows Live website. It is not perfect but it actually works quite well. Many nice gadgets are available such a horoscope, a mail and a weather forecast gadget and more can be found on The layout is pretty relaxed to look at and less obstructive that the layout of the personalized Google start page.

Generally, I like the way the Google page works more, but the lack or gadgets and the ability to write your own gadgets for the Microsoft Windows Live, unfortunately makes the Microsoft page more usable for me at the moment. I hope that Google will make it possible to write your own gadgets and have more default gadgets such as horoscope, world clock, online buddies (Google Talk), tv-show reminder, calendar, etc.

Actually, I would really love Google to build a Google Calendar. I web-based calendar is something that I really need. If it could be made to work as well as GMail and my online friends can see parts of my calendar, they will really have a winner.

Lets see what Google's next move is...


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