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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Getting used to the new me

So at last I finished my summary report :) And I even think it is not that bad at all, though it is a bit critical of the original article.

I didn't do much else today. Actually, I even got to sleep long for a change! and that even after I changed my watches to follow the Daylight Time Saving that took affect this night! Unfortunately this means that it will get dark earlier and that it is winter time again... and like most people: I HATE winter :(

Jens dropped by for a little while and I had a nice, relaxing chat with my fiancé, making me feeling a bit better than yesterday. I didn't feel so nice yesterday. I'm a bit stressed and I sometimes have some feelings that I feel that I shouldn't have. I'm trying to analyse those and trying to become a bit more calm, and it is really helping. I don't want to have these feelings; it hurts me and I end up hurting people who care about me, which then again hurts me.

I've been missing out on some things in my life due to different reasons and now my whole life has changed for better and I have really opened my eyes. It feels like a bit late to do that and I feel a bit afraid of missing out on things again. It is like I want to do all these things that I have missed out on and I have no patience to wait. That is of course unrealistic and I know that. I guess I just need to relax and with time I will get used to my new wonderful life and the new me.


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