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Saturday, October 29, 2005

So, I'm still fighting with that article... progressing slowly though.

Yesterday evening was quite nice, nothing amazing happened or so, but I went to visit Binne together with Jens, and we ended up talking about interesting things such as life, future until 4:30 in the morning. I was home around 5 am and kind of counted on sleeping loooong... but around 11:00 I already woke up. A nice shower, something to eat, a cup of coffee and I was ready for the day.

Right now I just ate one of the most delicious salads in my life. Well, it still doesn't beat the one Lilly and me made in Passau, but this one is getting close... I also ended up eating it all, which is kind of scary as it consisted of:
  • 300 g of mixed salad
  • half a package of tomatoes
  • half a package of nice Danish feta
  • 220 g of chicken (put in a nice marinade)
  • 70 g of garlic croutons
  • plus some nice Italian herb dressing
Oh, well... some times I am just hungry I guess :) Now back to work...


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