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Friday, April 01, 2005

Going to Utrecht!

So at last it is Friday again! I went to school in order to work on a project where we have to implement a new scheduling system for a real-time operation system... We didn't really get much done as we both felt tired and reading the documentation and the code just made us even more tired :(

Anyway, as the title states I am going to Utrecht today to meet up with some friends: Pedro (Portugal), Andreia (Portugal), Ola (Poland) and Frank (Germany). I really didn't have time this weekend and neither do I have money, but unfortunately Pedro is going back to Portugal next week and for good, so it had to be this weekend. I feel kind of sad for Pedro...He went back to live in the Netherlands as he got a job offer! But now he is here they "found out" that his education level is too high and suddenly he cannot get the job anyway (hm? only hiring stupid people? *-)) Well, I find that ridiculous and really unfair! If I tell you who the employer was you are all going to laugh,... so I won't do that... We hate them already!

Tomorrow it is apparently Hans Christian Andersen's 200 years birthday! Whoo! I love his stories! Download some of his best stories in different languages here!

Some have wondered what language I have been writing in the last couple of days. Is it Danish or Dutch? No, it is none of those two language, though the language - or the variety that I am writing in - has loanwords from both of these; most from the latter.

What I am writing in is Low Saxon. A language that has no standard dialect, which means that people who write in Low Saxon write in either dialect or in an inter-regional standard based on a group of related dialects. What I am writing in is the dialect of Groningen, thus the local dialect of where I currently live. =)

I heard from Lívia today that one of her aunts is reading my blog once in a while, so let me send my greetings to her!: Oieee, tia da Lívia! Tudo bem com você? =D

Whoo...Google upgraded my Gmail account to 2 GB! and added rich formatting!


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