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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dij zunne is weer te zuggen!

What a wonderful day! Not that I did a lot, but I woke up feeling so great! The sun shined through my windows and I had these nice thoughts of me and my girlfriend on my mind. Before I went to bed I looked at all photos that we have made the time we have been together and it is so beautiful to see our love that it made tears run from my eyes. Maybe this is the reason - together with summer coming - that I felt so good this very morning!

I went to school in order to work on my Advanced Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments project with Martijn. We got a good piece further!

We are working on implementing a proof-of-concept of the imposers idea. Imposers is a widely used technique in 3D games for minimizing the amount of polygons to render for each frame. The idea is based on the fact that if something (an object) is far away and you don't change the view angle looking at the object too much, well, then the object will look basically the same. The idea is then not to re-render the object (which can consist of many polygons), but instead render the object to a texture and then show this texture instead (on a billboard). Only when the view angle (and similar things) change too much we re-render the object. This makes us save a lot of computing power, which means that we can render more complex scenes real-time! Anyway, we will see how far we get tomorrow!

Now I just got home from my lecture about Groningen Low Saxon... I have an exam next week so tonight I will try studying a bit further. The course is of course a bit more difficult for me than the other students as I am no native Dutchmen nor Groninger! and thus have none of the languages as my mother tongue... Taking that into account I think I am doing well ... Lets hope I will do the exam well as well :) At least I asked the teacher a question and he answered and told me that he wouldn't elaborate any further as it was actually one of his exam questions! Yes, 1 point in the house :P

The teacher was quite nice. When I entered the lecture room he greated me in Danish =D and later he gave me a book that he wrote! Cool! Thanks a lot!

Dij zunne is weer te zuggen
Doarmit bin k slim blied
Lekker zel k in t gras liggen
Da's ook op hoge tied

k Staai boeten de deur te kieken
k Vuil dij waarme locht rond mie hen
k Kiek noar t woater, noar dieken
t Is weer zummer, zummer as k dij ken

Minsen lopen bie mie laangs
Stevels en regenjassen zugst nait meer
t-shirts en shorts binnen nou /in/
mit daank aan t schiere weer...


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