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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Puh, it is already 23:00 and I am still busy with my school work :( No wonder why I get stressed out at times. The last 14 hours I have been busy doing school related work, with exception of 1.5 hour spend on lunch / dinner / shopping / biking to and back from home :( Sometimes, like for instance sunday I work long into the night ...

I always went to bed late because of homework, but it was more because I was kind of lazy and first really started working seriously after 21:00 'o clock. Luckily, this semester will soon be over ... the summer is coming and soon I will be working instead. Then, at least, I can work hard at work and relax and not worry about homework when my official working day is over. Plus, I will be with my love... will be so lovely =)


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