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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another week successfully completed

So, I managed to get through last week! I was really doubting it at times...Well, not that the week would pass, but more whether I would burn out or actually finish the work that I needed to complete. That workload was so enormous. I did get to finish most of the things on my list, but I was first finished 3 am Monday morning :S

Well, this week seems to bring a huge workload as well, but it started out quite good, so I think I will be able to finish most before Friday! Yah! Because of Easter the whole Monday is free for me and my girlfriend to enjoy =) Maybe we should do some thing Easter related ... We'll see...

Saturday, Jelle came by in order to cook dinner for me. Well, actually we were supposed to do it together, but my sweetie was online at a Internet café (just in order to talk to me; really sweet!!!) and I really really wanted to talk to her as well. I did warn Jelle about it on forehand, so it was no problem at all :) Now I just have to cook for him next week or so... hehe.. Anyway, my complements for the cook! The dinner was delicious!

Later I went to his house to drink a couple of beers, eat some chips and frikandellen with his cousin (I think it was) and one of his friends. We also played a card game, and all in all it was a nice cozy evening =)


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