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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Danskere, ak og ve...

Why are Danes always so pre-judging, especially when they have no reason to? Well, why am I asking this you probably wonder. Well, I arrived in München and wanted to buy a ticked for Passau when I realized that it costed euro 26 :| and waiting two hours would let me travel the same distance for euro 4.80 with a Bayern Ticket!

Well... of course I waited, but since it was quite cold I went to buy a cup of coffee... that is until I realized that they wanted euro 2.5 :| Oh well, no coffee then. I looked a bit around to see if it was cheaper elsewhere and I saw a group of people who seemed Danish to me.

Curious as I am, I placed myself close to them in order to listen if they spoke Danish or not. They indeed did, and the first I heard was 'Oh that guy there is so typical German! (The guy then pointed at me) You see? Long hair in the neck blah blah blah blah etc.'

Well, it is true that it was popular to have that in Germany 15 years ago or so (something which we called tysker hår) as well as in Sweden (where we called it svensker garn, a bit more negative sounding as most Danes hate the Swedes for no obvious reason), but I hate when people generalize and talk negatively about people from other countries - and the person indeed said what he said with a negative voice. I kind of regret not saying something back, like 'Hey, don't talk behind people's back - at least when you don't know whether they understand what you say', but unfortunately I didn't feel like doing that in the situation.

On my way back to Groningen I had to wait 40 minutes at München Hbf. As friendly as he is, Christian Meyer came to visit me and guide me a bit around in the city... quite nice of him. I really enjoyed it! Danke sehr meine Freund!

Today I am quite tired. I had to do a lecture today for 1-1.5 hours (a so-called hoorcollege) and I spend most of yesterday preparing the missing parts of my presentation. It has been quite hard work as I had to read and understand lots of stuff that I never worked with before and I didn't really have the time to do so. Luckily, I pulled myself together and made some quite good slides ... around 40 I think. The actual lecture went quite okayish. The subject was Global Illumination, and I think that most people got an idea what it is all about!


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