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Friday, March 25, 2005

Grille, det skal man da når det er forår!

So spring is finally here! Such lovely weather today. This morning my friend Frank caught me on MSN and invited me to a barbecue at his place around 5 o' clock! Cool...who doesn't like BBQing! I do at least!

Precisely, when the clock turned 5 pm I was there and Frank opened the door for me. There weren't that many people then, but soon after more appeared...and I think we ended up being around 10 people or so. Unfortunately it started raining :( Well, we still really wanted to BBQ, so we just stayed outside in the rain and it turned out to be quite cozy...well, who cannot stand a little rain? after all it wasn't really cold, at least not by the grill! It was a weird evening... suddenly it became dark and we was sitting in the light of the fire... Quite nice, but we all had the idea that the clock was around 1 am or so, but when we looked at the watch it turned out to be 21:00 :| How is that possible?! Anyway, around 23:00 I went home and the rest went to the city... I hope they will enjoy it!

At least, I will enjoy tomorrow a lot! =)


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