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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mit barndomssted vil altid være i mit hjerte

I have been thinking about Denmark today... mostly because I spoke to one of Lívia's friends Debora, who hope to move there soon. Currently, she is living in Sweden with her Danish husband Thomas.

I hope to take Lívia to Denmark when we get a bit closer to summer time... then we could go a week or two and I could show her around in Jutland, and we could also take a trip to Copenhagen to meet my friends there and to meet Debora and Thomas, as well.

The picture is from the town of Ribe, located in Western Jutland. The oldest, still existing, city of Denmark.

Today hasn't been a very exciting day. Mostly I have worked on my coral growth project that I didn't touch for one and a half month :| I am working on it with Aard and we are communicating though MSN. We are progressing, but not so quickly as I would have liked =( Maybe tonight will show some big improvements... we'll see...


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