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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sneeuw...Schnee...sne...snø... ih hvor er det koldt

This morning when I woke up Groningen was covered with 15 to 20 cm of snow...actually it was up to 30 cm some places :| I thought about taking to bus to school, but the busses weren't driving so I had to bike. Staying at home was not an option as I had to finish one of my practicals for tomorrow.

Biking in snow is apparently quite dangerous...I felt two times and hurted myself quite badly...I guess my leg got a bit blue. As a nice side-effect :S, my gloves got soaked and it was colder biking with them on that without using gloves at all :S

When I arrived at school I was immediately attacked by snowballs. Andre threw one that landed right in my neck...well, soon Monique and Thomas followed and I had to join :) so we had a little snow fight just in front of the school :P

Maybe I will add some pictures of it later =)


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