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Monday, February 06, 2006

Have you ever been threatened with a knife?

Well, I had neither, ...until today. I was on my way to Capoeira and entered the U-bahn (underground) at Lohsestrasse. I saw two junkies around 30, a man and his girlfriend, who were both quite stoned. I walked around them and continued walking until I passed a boy and a girl. The man walked toward the boy and tried selling him some drugs. The boy rejected and said he would never start with something as stupid as that. The boy and girl started walking away and so did I. Noway, did I want to have contact with that junkie.

Apparenly, the junkie was seriously mad at me and started shouting to me that he would beat me up and put a knife into my chest. I just kept standing, but then he started walking toward me slowly carrying a knife. His girlfriend ran to me quickly and tried to stand between us. She said that I shouldn't worry as he would have to cut her first and he would never do that.

I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation but I knew I could run away anytime if I wanted so I stayed. The guy shouted to his girlfriend to get away so that he could cut me and he kept shouding that and the whole situation became more tense; and I really wished the U-train would come any moment. The girlfriend then tried taking my hand and wanted to start kissing me... argh! what the heck was this!??! The U-train arrived and I hurried aboard and the girlfriend told me to get in front and then she made sure that the guy got in the last waggon... yeez... never have I tried something like that before!


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